Boil Water Advisory for Richard’s Landing

A Boil Water Advisory is in effect. You will be notified when the BWA has been lifted.
At this time water must be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute before use OR an alternative
water source (e.g., commercially bottled water) may be used for any of the following:

  • Drinking,
  • Brushing teeth,
  • Making infant formula, ice, tea, coffee, drink mixes, puddings, Jello, etc.,
  • Washing fruits or vegetables.
  • Do not use auto-shutoff kettles or coffee makers as they may not reach a boil time of one minute*
  • Township of St. Joseph Facebook pages
  • Boil Water Advisory Signs on roadways will be removed when the BWA is lifted.
  • If you have provided your email previously for boil water advisory alerts, an email will be sent
    upon the end of the BWA.
    *If you wish to be notified by email and have not previously provided contact information, please email [email protected]. *
    Below are instructions for common daily activities involving water use:
  1. Washing Dishes:
    a. Household dishwashers must be set to sanitize mode.
    b. If washing dishes by hand:
    i. wash dishes with soap and hot water
    ii. rinse dishes with hot water
    iii. sanitize dishes by submerging in hot water mixed with unscented household bleach (1/2 tsp of bleach
    per 1 L of water) for 1 minute
    iv. let air dry
    Other option: use single-use disposable dishes/utensils during this time
  2. Hand Washing:
    a. Wash as normal using tap water and a proper handwashing technique.
    b. After washing hands, use an alcohol-based hand gel disinfectant containing at least 70% alcohol.
  3. Bathing:
    a. Adults, adolescents, and older children may shower, bathe, or wash using tap water, but should avoid swallowing the water.
    b. Infants, toddlers, and immunocompromised individuals should be sponge bathed to reduce the chance of swallowing the water.

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