Big Housing Development Planned For Manitou Drive


Council will consider a new housing development on Monday night for a new housing development for the Manitou Drive area.

The developer, Manitou Development Inc is seeking council approval for the draft plan and also seeking a rezoning for the property.

The plan calls for semi-detached housing, townhouses and apartments.

Located on the east side of Manitou Drive, approximately 47 metres north of Greene Street. Approximate Size: 235 metres of frontage along Manitou Drive, 245m along Amy Avenue, and 95m along Greene Street. Lot area: 2.279 hectares (22,790 square metres; 5.6 acres).

Presently, a vacant lot , once developed would consists of 12 lots designated Low Density Residential Zone (R3), one Medium Density Residential Zoned (R4) block with a pedestrian access and stormwater
management block, one block to be transferred to the City to satisfy Parkland Dedication Requirements.

The plan is for 9 Semi-detached buildings, The multi-attached buildings (townhouses) and two three storey apartment buildings with 20 units. In total it would create 49 separate dwellings.

The subject property was formerly the Manitou Park Public School. In 2017, the school board sold the property to a private entity. The school was then at some point demolished.

manitou drive

The rezoning application requests to change the property’s zoning from Institutional Zone (I) to Low and Medium Density Residential Zones (R3 and R4) for the purposes of permitting a combination of semi-detached and multiple-attached units (e.g. townhouses) along the perimeter of the property.

The interior lands would facilitate the development of walk-up apartment buildings. Other portions of the property are proposed to be used for pedestrian access, stormwater management and to satisfy the parkland dedication requirements by deeding land to the City to expand Manitou Park.

Manitou Developments Inc is controlled by Dan Nogalo, Bud Jones and Andrea Zavitz.

If the plan goes ahead it will not have the affordable housing provision attached to it. The policy HO.6, which requires affordable housing provision for developments greater than 50 units is not applicable for this application. 49 residential dwelling units are being proposed and therefore, the affordable housing threshold is not met. The prior development plan had proposed 73 units, however, upon both the applicant and consultant’s more comprehensive review of stormwater management constraints, combined with the concerns raised by surrounding neighbourhoods, the development plan has been revised and
reduced in scale.


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