Ball or Puck? Which would you prefer to see drop on NYE?

New Year's Eve

As the City prepares for its inaugural New Year’s Eve ball drop, a decision must be made on what will light up the night sky to welcome 2025. Among the two options being considered are a ball drop or a puck drop. The community is now invited to cast their vote on their favourite.

“We wanted to create excitement in the community for this new tradition. Normally a ball drop has been synonymous with New Year’s Eve festivities around the world. The ball option will be a shimmering sphere branded with City colours. Alternatively, a puck drop offers a fresh twist on the classic tradition that is inspired by our City’s love for hockey. Both options would see either a ball or puck suspended approximately 80 feet in the air above the Downtown Plaza,” states Brent Lamming, Director of Community Services.

The icon will be made from locally sourced steel and constructed by the City’s Public Works Department. It will be dropped two times during the evening. Once at 8 p.m. for families with young children and again at midnight for those individuals up later enjoying the celebrations.

To cast your vote, visit  The poll is open for one week until March 25. Participants can also join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #NYEIcon and share which design is preferred. The City of Sault Ste. Marie thanks GFL Environmental for their continued support and sponsorship of this initiative. 


2 thoughts on “Ball or Puck? Which would you prefer to see drop on NYE?

  1. How about the part time childish delusional mayor drop his resignation and get what is left of the city back under some kind of control?

  2. This clueless clown is getting paid $90K a year from the city for being a part time seat warmer of the mayor’s chair, that’s way too much money for a part time job, especially one that you are doing poorly.

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