Algoma Steel Resumes Steel Production

Algoma Steel Cancels Annual Family Day Due To Worker Fatality

Algoma Steel Group today advised the repair and restart of its blast furnace is complete and steel production resumed on Sunday, February 11, 2024.

“Algoma has strengthened its operations while advancing essential repair work required after a structure supporting utilities piping at Algoma’s coke-making plant collapsed on January 20, 2024.” said in a release .

“Algoma remains focused on completing necessary utilities corridor repairs safely and efficiently while increasing coke-making capacity and rebuilding inventory levels. The Company will continue to assess supplementing its coke supplies with market purchases to balance its requirement for iron production.”

One thought on “Algoma Steel Resumes Steel Production

  1. Now the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Labor can assess these tightwads the appropriate fines and penalties for being so irresponsible and risking the lives of their employees by ignoring to do proper inspections and maintenance which would have stopped these things from happening in the first place.
    It’s not enough that they kill your health every day at work with their illegal amounts of poison output, but then they ignore maintenance and inspection schedules and risk your immediate death from cave ins, failures, etc.
    Only in Sault Ste, Marie

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