Abused Dog Fed Cocaine and Meth

A dog was saved by a local animal rescue yesterday that tested positive for cocaine and meth.

The male dog was found extremely sick and very lethargic. “The inside of his mouth is cut up as well as a few superficial wound around the outside of his mouth. We have no idea what’s going on ” said in a Facebook post on Thursday.

Local animal rescue, Second Chances that just started up this past Summer by a local group of volunteers picked up the dog yesterday and immediately knew something wasn’t right. The group, after leaving a deposit of $1,000 at the vet rushed the dog to the vet for testing.

Melissa Pritchard from Second Chances explains the situation to FirstLocalNews.

“I got a call from Andrea Caldwell who operates another rescue, “Saving Elmo” Caldwell needed a ride to pick up the dog obtained from a foster home.

At first, Caldwell wasn’t sure the dog would be handed over to her. “A guy answered he was very nice said just let his friend say goodbye. We waited more than 10 minutes and when the other guy brought him out the dog was being carried and freshly bathed (still wet) He said the dog was not feeling well but really couldn’t tell me anything except he was ok the day before and he could not walk.”

“We put him in the back of my jeep and the dog almost fell over while sitting up. I looked him over and noticed lacerations in and around his mouth but otherwise no other injuries. I did notice his pupils were huge and the iris was basically non existent. His eyes were also unresponsive to stimuli and I literally said “ please tell me this dog isn’t on drugs” Pritchard said.

Caldwell called her vet in Kinross Michigan but everything was closed due to US Thanksgiving.

“One of our team members is a client of Algoma Veterinary clinic. They agreed to see him. We rushed him there and immediately Dr Alicia was suspect of a drug overdose too. It came back positive for methamphetamine and cocaine The dog stayed the night with the Algoma team.” Pritchard said.

The Dog, a male Boxer is expected to make a full recovery.

Had the recuse not acted, the dog would have passed away.

” We cannot thank Algoma Veterinary or Dr Alicia enough for helping save him. ”

Local veterinary Clinics very seldom help rescues due to their current list of patients and lack of financial resources from volunteer rescues. ” we desperately need help like this. We’ve got the funds, just no local vet which is very unfortunate. This could have turned out very badly had Algoma not stepped up” Pritchard said.

The group believes there may be other dogs from the same home and are waiting word from Animal Welfare.

In the meantime, Second Chances Animal Rescue is always in need of donations for cases like this one and unfortunately many others. If you would like to make a donation to Second Chances Animal Rescue you can send an email to [email protected]


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