A Slow Call Back For Algoma Steel Employees Has Begun

Algoma Steel Group down $20.4 million in Q4 amid lower steel prices, higher costs

Algoma Steel employees who were affected by a layoff as a result of a structural collapse that impacted the coke-making operations are slowly being called back to work.

More employees are expected to be called back as the process of restarting the operations begins.

The steel maker says they expect all laid-off employees will return to work, though a time-line was not given.

Algoma Steel says the estimated cost for repairs could be as high as $30 million . The incident occurred on January 20th. No one was hurt when utility piping collapsed.

About 700 employees were laid off due to the incident, that represents about 25 per cent of the workforce at the Steel plant.

One thought on “A Slow Call Back For Algoma Steel Employees Has Begun

  1. Could be a little longer now? Apparently there was en explosion there last night with multiple people injured. I hope they all fully recover.
    A huge investigation needs to be done here for negligence on someones part.

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