Want a quiet shopping experience?


Walmart Canada has recently launched a new initiative aimed at providing a more inclusive and comfortable shopping experience for customers with sensory processing differences or other special needs. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning’s , all 403 Walmart stores across the country will offer a “sensory-friendly” environment, designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals who may be overwhelmed by the typical retail setting. This means that during these designated hours, the stores will dim their lighting, reduce the volume of music and announcements, and TV screens were being changed to static images.

The goal is to create a calmer, less stimulating atmosphere that helps alleviate the anxiety and discomfort that can arise for those with sensory sensitivities. By doing so, Walmart is making a concerted effort to remove barriers and ensure their stores are accessible and welcoming to a wider range of shoppers. It’s a thoughtful and inclusive move that recognizes the diverse needs of customers and reflects a growing awareness of the importance of providing accommodating retail experiences. This sensory-friendly program represents an important step forward in making the shopping experience more comfortable and enjoyable for all.


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