Two sides far apart


As the deadline for a potential strike at Ontario’s main liquor retailer rapidly approaches, the tension between the union representing the workers and the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) continues to mount. The Ontario Public Service Employees Union, which represents approximately 10,000 LCBO employees, has set a strike deadline of 12:01 a.m. on Friday, signaling that an agreement has not yet been reached between the two sides. According to a union spokesperson, they remain committed to bargaining a fair deal for their members, but they expect the negotiations to be a long and arduous process as the two parties remain far apart on the key issues.

Should the strike go ahead as threatened, the LCBO has outlined a contingency plan that would see all of its locations across the province shut down for an initial 14-day period. After that, if the labor dispute remains unresolved, the Crown corporation intends to reopen approximately 30 stores, but only on a limited schedule of Friday through Sunday. This reduced retail footprint would undoubtedly cause significant disruption and inconvenience for Ontario consumers, who have come to rely on the comprehensive network of LCBO stores for their alcohol purchasing needs. To mitigate the impact, the LCBO has stated that it will continue operating its online sales platform, though the selection available to customers may be restricted.

Overall, the looming LCBO strike represents a tense standoff with potentially far-reaching implications for both workers and the general public, as the two sides struggle to find common ground and avert a full-blown labor disruption.


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  1. These glorified grocery clerks were already highly overpaid. Shut down all of the lcbo locations, the grocery and corner stores can take over. Longtime problem solved.

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