Two Councillors want to cleanup local waterways

At the upcoming council meeting this Monday, two local councillors will be putting forward a motion to address an ongoing environmental issue in the community’s waterways and marinas. Councillor Sonny Spina and Councillor Sandra Hollingsworth plan to propose the installation of Seabins, a innovative technology designed to help clean up the floating garbage and debris that has been accumulating in the area’s bodies of water.

Seabins are floating garbage collectors that use a submerged pump to pull in and trap all manner of litter, from plastic bottles and bags to cigarette butts and microplastics, before they can pollute the marine ecosystems. By strategically placing these Seabins in key locations like the local marina and along popular waterfront areas, the councillors hope to make significant strides in ridding the waters of unsightly and environmentally harmful waste that has become an eyesore and a threat to aquatic life.

The motion will likely highlight the success Seabins have had in cleaning up harbors and coastlines in other communities, as well as their cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance compared to more labor-intensive manual cleanup efforts. If approved, the installation of these innovative garbage-collecting devices could mark an important step forward in the community’s efforts to preserve the health and natural beauty of its vital waterways for residents and visitors to enjoy. If approved they could be installed by the end of 2024.


2 thoughts on “Two Councillors want to cleanup local waterways

  1. ‘2’ of how many Councillors want to clean up the waterways? Why now, why not 30, 40, or 50 years ago before it became such a horrific irreversible problem? A lame attempt at this point in time to try and score some brownie points with whoever they think will be impressed..
    Garbage traps have been around for decades, but that is far from what they should be worried about as far as ‘cleaning up the waterways’
    Tons of toxic poison and particulate are being pumped into the air and waterways daily by various careless and criminal industries and other offenders who never think or care about their future generations. Nice try but no cigar.

  2. so, which taxpayers will be shafted with this pie in the sky venture? City council continuously finding ways to spend taxpayers dollars of which there is a shortage of as it is. But HEY! politicians know we supposedly have deep pockets for frivolous ventures

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