The Sprite Challenge What is It?


The Sprite challenge that has taken over TikTok in recent months may seem like a simple, harmless trend at first glance, but it actually poses some concerning risks that users should be aware of before attempting it. Unlike some of the more overtly dangerous challenges that have circulated on the platform, the Sprite challenge is not life-threatening, but it can still lead to significant discomfort and even physical harm if taken too far. The premise is straightforward enough – participants must chug an entire bottle of Sprite or another carbonated beverage without burping, which sounds simple enough. However, the human body is simply not designed to handle such a rapid influx of carbonation, and the end result is often an intensely painful, extended burping fit that can leave the challenger doubled over in agony.

Many of the most popular TikTok videos showcasing the Sprite challenge feature users who make it tantalizingly close to finishing the entire bottle, only to end up erupting in a torrent of burps in the final moments. While these videos may be amusing to watch, they also highlight just how difficult and unpleasant the challenge can be. The carbonation builds up pressure in the stomach and esophagus, creating an almost irresistible urge to burp that the challenger must fight against with all their might. Doing so puts immense strain on the abdominal and diaphragm muscles, leading to intense cramping and discomfort. In some cases, participants have even reported feeling as though their throat or stomach might rupture from the pressure.

TikTok has wisely added warnings to some of the more popular Sprite challenge videos, cautioning users that attempting the stunt could result in injury. This is not an idle threat – the rapid gulping of carbonated liquid can potentially cause the stomach or esophagus to expand to an unsafe degree, potentially leading to tearing or other internal damage. While the likelihood of such a severe outcome may be low, the Sprite challenge is still far from a risk-free activity. Ultimately, it is a testament to the human capacity for self-inflicted pain and discomfort, all in the name of fleeting internet fame. Those drawn to participate would be wise to carefully consider the potential consequences before subjecting themselves to the agony of the Sprite challenge.


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  1. Anyone that drinks any of this unhealthy garbage loaded with sugar has an early death wish.

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