Social Media: My thoughts

Everyone has various forms of social media nowadays.  Even very young children have their own social media accounts showcasing photos of themselves but that just shows how many people post and are connected on these social platforms. According to, 5.07 billion people use social media daily around the world.  Is this good for us people and the world?  Here are my thoughts on social media.

As a 14-year-old going to high school, I use some social media platforms as I find that they are somewhat informative – in fact I discovered a few weeks ago that a bakery was going to open near my neighborhood through social media.  Sometimes you can discover opportunities, contests, items for sale, and more within these public apps. I also communicate with friends and family on social media platforms sharing messages and photos on private chats. 

For me, this is a reliable and fast way of connecting with loved ones for free and all you need is internet connection or mobile data on your phone if you happen to be outside of an internet zone.  But, aside from my life, social media platforms can also be an important promotion tool for entrepreneurs – as an example, many businesses in these modern times have Facebook and Instagram profiles where they post their seasonal hours, sales, and spotlighted products.  This is a great way for growing industries to advertise to customers in various parts of the country since social media is not limited to one city and anyone around the universe can see the posts making businesses thrive with in person visits or online orders. 

Musicians and celebrities also get lots of attention on social media, either from other big news outlets posting about them or from their own personal posts promoting merchandise, newly released songs or movies, and other major events. American singer/songwriter Taylor Swift has 550.4 million social media followers worldwide!  Now, social media does seem like a very good tool for many people (including myself) but there are some negative parts about it too. 

Personally, I have not experienced any negativity on social media but that probably is because I try to not post pictures of myself for the world to see since there are many online predators who exist outside that us naive individuals don’t have knowledge of.  I believe that it is best to stay safe and limit posts with your own face- and before posting images of other people on your account be sure to inform them or ask for permission if you are unsure.  Cyberbullying can also occur on any social media website.  Once someone posts about a topic, it is out there, and anyone can witness it which is why it is crucial to think strongly about if this is a post or picture you want everyone to see. In addition to that, some people unfortunately even post photos and rumors related to other users without their permission and that is sometimes what causes cyber-bullying.

Certain social media apps can be very addictive as well like Tik Tok where people sometimes end up scrolling for hours. This is the sinister side of social media.  Nevertheless, if you are careful while using social media, neither of these incidents will take place and as a result, you will only experience the advantages of social media.

Bringing this article to a conclusion, I wanted to say that I hope you learned a new fact or statistic regarding social media and the internet. Knowing all of the benefits and risks, you should be able to navigate the online world effectively to steer yourself in a positive direction while using today’s digital platforms.

One thought on “Social Media: My thoughts

  1. Everyone should drop any social media apps like a HOT POTATO as no good can come from them. People got along just fine without them for decades so why screw everything up now?

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