Is the Sault getting self cleaning public toilets?

At this Monday’s council meeting city staff will discuss putting in self cleaning bathrooms in Sault Ste Marie. The issue of homelessness and precarious housing has been a growing concern in our community and many others, placing increasing pressures on the agencies and services tasked with supporting the most vulnerable members of our population.

A key aspect of this challenge is the lack of access to clean, safe, and readily available public restroom facilities – a basic human need that has been identified as a critical gap across our social service network. While the city does currently provide some publicly accessible washrooms at locations like the Dennis Street Bus Terminal, GFL Memorial Gardens, Downtown Plaza, and the Roberta Bondar Pavilion, these facilities are not open or available on a 24/7 basis, leaving many without access to this essential service, especially during off-peak hours.

This shortage of public restrooms impacts not only the homeless and precariously housed, but the general public and tourists as well, who often find themselves without options for restroom access outside of regular business hours.

Recognizing this need, cities around the world have begun adopting innovative solutions, such as the vandal-proof, self-cleaning public toilets that have been available in Europe since as early as 1992. Municipalities like Montreal, Valemount, B.C., and soon Waterloo, Ontario, have already implemented these types of free, publicly accessible facilities, providing a model for our own community to explore. By researching this option and engaging with local social service agencies to gather input, our city has the opportunity to develop a comprehensive plan for strategically placing self-cleaning toilet facilities in key locations, ensuring that all members of our community, regardless of housing status, have access to the basic dignity and hygiene that clean, safe restrooms provide. Addressing this pressing need could have a meaningful impact on the lives of our most vulnerable residents while also enhancing the overall experience for the general public and visitors to our city.


3 thoughts on “Is the Sault getting self cleaning public toilets?

  1. Toilets? that’s one of many uses, but the ones that come more immediately to mind are graffiti canvasses, shooting galleries, drug sales, rain shelters, and primal sex enclosures?
    Surely they will be heated for the comfort of the homeless drug addicted criminals, too?
    Running them out of town would be a much better ad cheaper option.

    1. right on with that comment, however city council really likes to spend taxpayers dollars on frivolous ventures, so we are likely screwed

  2. So stupid. Look how good it works in other places like LA Skid row. Great place for drug dealers to set up shop.

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