Sault YMCA Memberships On The Rebound!

The Sault Ste. Marie YMCA is happy to see an encouraging rebound in memberships following the recent news that doors to the community hub will remain open. This support underscores the vital role the YMCA plays in fostering health, wellness, and community engagement in Sault Ste. Marie.

After announcing its closure earlier this year, a groundswell of community support highlighted the importance of the local YMCA. Thanks to support from an anonymous charitable foundation and the City of Sault Ste. Marie, the local family YMCA received the green light to continue operations.

Since then, the YMCA has seen a steady return in membership numbers, but there is a need for memberships to return to the level they were at prior to the closure announcement for the centre to remain viable long-term.

“Over the past two months, our community was clear that the YMCA is a cherished and needed place for us to connect, be active and find support. Saultites, employers and partners can all play an important role in getting us to our membership goal,” says Elise Schofield, Chair of the SSM YMCA’s Board of Directors.

The YMCA has seen a rebound of almost 1,500 members return to the centre since announcing on May 8th that it would remain open. While the initial surge in memberships is encouraging, additional new members and member retention will be essential to ensure long-term stability and continued service to the community.

The YMCA and its partners have set a goal to bring in approximately 1,000 additional members by this July.

“This goal isn’t about us as board members or staff. It’s about ensuring these much-needed programs, services and community spaces remain open and available to our community long term,” says board member Jake D’Agostini. “And a continued, steady increase in our membership numbers is needed to help make sure that happens. Now is the time for the community to learn about the Y. Now is the time for past members to renew and for new members to join.”

The Sault Ste. Marie YMCA is calling on the community to learn more about their local YMCA and its programs and services. The Y will be hosting an Open House and Registration Day on June 26th. This event will include a BBQ, facility tours, and special promotions. For more information on how to join or support the YMCA, please visit or contact the YMCA at (705) 949-3133 or [email protected]

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