Robbery / Assault With a Weapon

On the evening of July 7th, 2024, around 8:30 pm, the local 911 emergency line was flooded with frantic calls reporting a robbery in progress at a local business. Patrol officers were immediately dispatched to the scene Upon arrival, the officers quickly located a suspect matching the description provided by witnesses – a 35-year-old man named Jeffrey Rivard. He was promptly apprehended and taken into custody.

The ensuing investigation pieced together a disturbing sequence of events. Rivard had allegedly entered the store and proceeded to brazenly steal several items, disregarding the rights and safety of the establishment’s employees. But his criminal actions did not end there – he is accused of taking one of the stolen objects and using it to threaten a store worker, creating a terrifying situation for the innocent victim. The suspect’s violence then escalated further, as he is said to have struck an employee while making his escape.

A search of Rivard uncovered an even more troubling discovery – he was in possession of a prohibited weapon, specifically a knife that could be opened by centrifugal force. This added charge of unauthorized weapon possession only compounded the severity of the crimes he stands accused of committing. With the evidence mounting against him, Rivard was formally charged with robbery, assault with a weapon, and the illegal carrying of a prohibited item.

Given the brazen and violent nature of the alleged offenses, the suspect was ordered to remain in custody pending a bail hearing.

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