Roadway Painting Underway

The painting of City streets will begin today. During this time, motorists may experience some traffic delays.

Although the paint used is water-based, it is designed to be safe for employees and the environment, and durable enough to withstand adverse weather conditions. Motorists are advised that should they drive through recently painted lines, paint will permanently adhere to one’s vehicle. Be cautious and obey all signage.

The City of Sault Ste. Marie thanks the public for their patience and understanding while this essential road maintenance takes place. For additional information, contact Public Works and Engineering Services at 705-759-5201 or email [email protected].


One thought on “Roadway Painting Underway

  1. Shame that the paint that they are laying down is worth more than the destroyed war zone roads that they are putting it on. Par for the course for the backwards faltering village, throwing more good money after bad.

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