Queen Street Car Show ’24 a hit

Saturday marked the second phase of the annual Queen Street Cruise, the car show.

There was no shortage of vehicles dotting the waterfront and with near-perfect weather, people turned out in droves. Vintage cars and trucks were most prominent at Roberta Bondar Pavilion and the parking lot across from the Ron Irwin Civic Centre, but there were also several lining Foster Drive.

“He’s done an excellent job.” said Bill Solomon of organizer Gary Trembinski.

Solomon, it should be noted, started the city’s first car cruises up at Harvey’s on Great Northern Road back in the ‘80s.

 “He (Trembinski) has done these for a few (seven) years now. This is nice, always a good show. You could spend a whole day here if you want to. Tour around, look at the water, look at the cars, get something to eat. Relax, chill out a little bit. It’s good.”

Check out this video gallery of the car show!

Solomon himself has owned some classics.

“I had a 1957 Chevy Belair Sport Coupe, Dust Pearl. It had the original plastic on the seats, all that stuff. Then I had a 1934 Ford that I bought a couple of years later. A buddy of mine did all the body work on it, built it for me, and I had it for 30-something years. With the electric cars coming I didn’t know what was gonna happen, so I said it might be a better time to sell it. That’s the way it is. Life changes.”

He has nothing but great memories of Queen Street in the ‘70s and ‘80s and how much fun he had cruising it.

“Queen Street was full house,” said Solomon. “Friday, Saturday, Sunday you knew everybody downtown. You could cruise up and down the street. Everybody knew everybody. All the stores were open, everything was busy. It was excellent.”

Michelle St. Pierre and Paul Wing are in their second year as Saultites, having moved to the city from Timmins. Avid classic car enthusiasts, they’ll be returning north August 24-25 when Timmins hosts its RibFest and Card Show.

Both were impressed with Saturday’s show.

“It’s amazing,” said St. Pierre. “It brings out all the people. Lots to do. Free music, free draws. I can’t wait for this draws!”

Paul and Michelle were enjoying the festivities sitting on lawn chairs just behind their 1940 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe, a rat-rod Paul found “in a guy’s backyard, in the bush, in Timmins.”

“He’s built five rat-rods,” says Michelle.

“I’ll bring another one next year,” Paul says, with a laugh.


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