Ontario retailers selling alcohol during LCBO strike


In response to the ongoing strike by workers at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), the provincial government has taken proactive steps to ensure that consumers across the province can still access a wide range of alcohol products. The government has developed an interactive online map that connects users to thousands of alternative retailers and local producers, providing a comprehensive solution during this labour disruption. The map features more than 1,000 businesses, including local Ontario breweries, wineries, wine shops, distilleries, as well as other licensed vendors such as LCBO Convenience Outlets, The Beer Store, and grocery stores that are authorized to sell alcoholic beverages.

This user-friendly tool allows consumers to easily locate the nearest option for purchasing beer, wine, cider, spirits, or ready-to-drink products, with the map being regularly updated as the province continues to expand alcohol sales to more licensed grocery and convenience stores. According to the government’s data, the map currently displays information on 628 wineries and winery retail stores, 82 distillery retail stores, 373 breweries, 448 grocery stores, 389 LCBO Convenience Outlets, and over 400 The Beer Store locations.

This robust network of alternative retailers provides a vital lifeline for consumers during the LCBO strike, the first such labour disruption in the history of the provincially-run liquor monopoly, which has resulted from months of unsuccessful contract negotiations between the union and management. By leveraging this interactive map, the government is ensuring that Ontarians can continue to access their preferred alcoholic beverages from a diverse array of local producers and retailers, even as the labour dispute at the LCBO remains unresolved.


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  1. Total prohibition is the only way to go. Get rid of the crazily priced booze and the dangerous dope at the same time. Too many people are too dependent on this horrible crap it’s time for them to fend for themselves without these life shortening and destroying vices.

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