Ontario Launching New Certification for Towing Industry

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The Ontario government is taking significant steps to enhance safety, support consumers, and improve overall standards in the towing industry. Effective July 1, 2024, Ontario will become the first province in Canada to require both tow truck drivers and vehicle storage operators to possess a mandatory certificate in order to legally operate. This pioneering initiative aims to protect drivers from falling victim to fraudulent towing companies that have long plagued the industry.

Under the new regulations, consumers will now have the right to choose the towing company that retrieves their vehicle, unless directed otherwise by law enforcement. Additionally, tow truck drivers will be required to provide customers with information detailing the maximum permissible fees, or rates, that can be charged, and they must transport the vehicle using the most direct route to the desired destination.

To obtain and maintain their towing certificates, drivers will be mandated to complete a comprehensive training program as well as undergo a thorough criminal background check. Any tow truck operators found to be working without the proper credentials will face stiff penalties, including fines, potential vehicle impoundment, and the risk of forfeiting their certification altogether in the future.

These transformative changes aim to bring much-needed transparency, accountability, and consumer protections to an industry that has historically been rife with unscrupulous practices, ultimately empowering drivers and elevating industry standards across the province of Ontario.


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  1. Like everything else that matters, it took decades too long to implement while all the dirt bags got filthy rich

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