Morning Express – Monday, July 8

Photo By April Jokelainen

Turning up the heat and humidity this week starting today but it comes with a risk of showers and thundershowers for most of the day. Best shot of thunderstorms developing would be near the noon hour and into the afternoon. We should see some partial clearing by the evening with only a few stray showers remaining. More showers possible , here and there for most of the week as we clear out and see another wave of 30c by the end of the week.

1777 Independent Vermont introduces a new constitution, prohibiting slavery

1800 Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse gives the first cowpox vaccination in the United States to his son to prevent smallpox

1949 South Africa’s Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act commences, prohibiting marriage or a sexual relationship between White people and people of other races

In which year did World War II end?
Answer: 1945

Night Crawler, member of the X-Men, has what kind of powers?
Answer: Can teleport

What is the capital of New Zealand?
Answer: Wellington

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