More Than $56,400 of Drugs Seized, One Charged

On June 27th, 2024, a team detectives from the Drug Enforcement Unit and Crime Suppression Unit, with valuable assistance from the Patrol Services division, sprang into action to apprehend a dangerous criminal known as 35-year-old Edward Hodgson. The suspect was charged with a staggering three counts of possession of a Schedule I controlled substance with the intent to traffic, after authorities uncovered a massive haul of illicit narcotics in his possession. The seizure included approximately 421 grams of suspected fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamine – a truly alarming quantity of some of the most deadly and addictive drugs plaguing communities across the region.

The dramatic events unfolded around 8:30 p.m. as the dedicated detectives were conducting proactive patrols in the high-crime areas of Albert Street and Gore Street. Recognizing the wanted fugitive, the officers quickly moved to apprehend Hodgson, but the cunning suspect attempted to evade capture by fleeing on foot. However, the skilled and tenacious investigators were not to be deterred, and they successfully tracked down and arrested the accused based on the outstanding warrant they had for his arrest.

A thorough search of Hodgson’s person led to the discovery of the massive drug stash, including an astounding 283 grams of suspected fentanyl, 120 grams of suspected cocaine, and 18 grams of suspected methamphetamine. Also seized were a digital scale, over $500 in Canadian currency, and a cellphone – clear evidence of Hodgson’s deep involvement in the illicit drug trade. Experts have estimated the total street value of the seized narcotics to be a staggering $56,414.50, underscoring the sheer scale of this major bust and the threat this individual posed to public safety.

The accused is charged with:

  • Possession of Schedule I Substance for Purpose of Trafficking x3
  • Possession of Property Obtained by Crime
  • Fail to Comply with Probation Order

The accused was held in custody pending a bail hearing.

One thought on “More Than $56,400 of Drugs Seized, One Charged

  1. 80% increase in violent crime, 80% increase in poisonous drugs, 80% increase in the pilfering of food and merchandise at local businesses, with catch and release plan for all of the above, great track record, keep it up, Mr. Truelyadope
    Soon we won’t be able to afford to eat at all.

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