Millroy: Then along came Donald Trump

The thing I like best about the Americans these days is that they make Canadians look so good. I say these days because there was a time that although I might have found them to be a little arrogant, I actually held them in high regard.

Then along came Donald Trump.

I watched him belittle his opponents when he was running for president, mock a handicapped journalist, rattle on about fake news while he played fast and loose with the truth himself.

The American public loved it enough to elect him president. A lot of the respect I held for them disappeared with that move.

My intent here is not to focus on Trump. Plenty has been said and written about him elsewhere. But I thought I would pass on a bit of information from The Washington Post that I found interesting. As is well-known, President Joe Biden has been a gaffe-factory ever since he was elected to public office some 50 years ago and has now led some, including Trump, to question his acuity and fitness for office.
Well it turns out Trump may have some problems along these lines himself.

The Post points out that in recent speeches, Trump has incorrectly described Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban as the leader of Turkey and falsely suggested Hungary shares a border with Russia. He has repeatedly referred to the Obama administration when he meant the Biden administration, and at one point he inaccurately suggested he’d beaten Obama — rather than Hillary Clinton — in the 2016 election.
Trump has also mispronounced “on purpose” as “on perfect” and “Marxist” as “markers,” and he has combined the names of Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum and Florida Republican Adam Putnam to get “Pullam.” At the end of one speech, he warned that the world must not slide into World War II.
Such verbal stumbles, The Post notes, are hardly new for Trump, who in 2016 referred to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks as “7/11” and in 2019 addressed Apple CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple.”

The former president suggested former Joint Chief Chairman Gen. Mark A. Milley deserves execution and called special counsel Jack Smith “deranged.”

And he makes clear that if re-elected he will “weaponize” the justice department and FBI against anyone perceived as an enemy and will dump many civil servants and replace them with “loyalists”.

It goes on and on and will continue to do so as he has hoodwinked a good portion of the American public into becoming his “base” of support.

But let’s move on to other interesting but also unattractive features of America as it stands today. U.S. universities are having a major fight against anti-semitism, students rallying in support of the Palestinians and against the Israelis, the horrific attack by Hamas terrorists that got it all started seemingly forgotten or ignored.

I find that upsetting enough but then comes the news that young Americans have been posting videos on TikTok expressing sympathy with Osama bin Laden, the notorious terrorist who orchestrated the Sept. 11 attacks, for a two-decade-old letter he wrote which attempts to justify the targeting and killing of American civilians. Many of the videos, which supported some of Bin Laden’s assertions and urged other users to read the letter, were shared in the wider context of criticism of American support for Israel in its ongoing war against Hamas.

But it seems to me history must be given short-shrift in American high schools because surely the attacks that killed 3,000 American civilians should be familiar to those now espousing Bin Laden’s cause. He killed their own fellow citizens, for goodness sake.

Maybe this stuff can be written off as coming from impressionable young minds but the worry to me is that among them will be the future leaders of the country. I can only hope some of them get better history lessons along the way.

And just last Saturday 24 masked neo-Nazis marched through Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, waving swastikas around, shouting racial slurs at onlookers, and chanting “there will be blood.”

Footage from the scene showed them standing in formation to perform a Nazi salute while onlookers mostly mocked them and called them “disgusting.” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that they spent about 30 minutes outside the statehouse after marching through state Capitol grounds. The group reportedly also stopped in front of a local synagogue and, among other hateful rhetoric, chanted, “Israel is not our friend.”

To me there was one encouraging note in this: Onlookers called them disgusting.

A few weeks back I watched in wonder as a small group of Republican members of Congress orchestrated the fall of Speaker Kevin McCarthy and then after some raucous infighting the entire Republican membership elected election-denier and homophobe Mike Johnson of Louisiana in his place. This guy, who is against pretty well everything society now finds normal, is second in line behind Vice-President Kamala Harris for the presidency.

It should be hard to believe that the Republicans would end up with someone so hard right but it really isn’t. After all, he was not alone as a Republican to vote against certifying the 2020 election. There were 140 other Republicans in Congress who voted that way and there were election-deniers spread across the country, many in high positions.

This led to so many threats against election workers that many quit, making it harder for election officials to find staff.

This is dangerous stuff. The people who man the shop on election day and those leading up to it are the ones who make democracy work. The mind boggles at the thought that some people would attempt to thwart their work to assist a demagogue who harbors little thought for them.

Man, it feels so good to be Canadian.

9 thoughts on “Millroy: Then along came Donald Trump

    1. No they aren’t. You and your ilk are. When the pandemic arrived our government fixed people to have ‘their papers’ or in some cases be jailed and/or fined. You and the author of this piece fully supported these actions. That’s dictatorial fascism.

  1. Delusion psycho ‘Dictator wannabe Donald’ needs to be put away in a facility for the criminally insane for the rest of his natural life.
    He is the most arrogant liar narcissist pos that has ever managed to fool the USA, bar none.
    His cruelty, countless crimes and dirty deeds will never be forgotten for endless generations to come.
    What is beyond baffling is how this loser could manage to bullshit and brainwash millions of gullible suckers to support and vote for him!

  2. They elected a reality TV host to be president, and they love him! (well, most do). I was so relived he lost and that the fine citizens of the USA had worked that insanity out of their system, never to repeat it. BUT NO, now he is leading in the polls for 2024. What the fesh hell is this?!
    Is he going to campaign between the many court dates he has to attend for his many indictments? (yep) Is he going to be president from jail?..hell ya, that would be great optics in his opinion, never surrender eh Trump?
    I don’t know what the future holds for the youngins but I challenge you to ask a millennial what the Holocaust is. I’ve had answers like….it’s a country or city….Not sure, is it a Russian thing? And many just never heard of it. . O-M-G! How are the kids going to know what they DON’T KNOW if they aren’t taught it.
    Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it. All I can see for the USA is doom at this point.

  3. Anyone that thinks that he would be a better choice than Mr Dressup is either extremely stupid or grossly unaware of the decades of ongoing atrocities that Super grifter Donald Drumpf has committed, not to mention his dastardly future plans to be an autocrat.
    All this fool can do without a legal leg to stand on is confess and project his misdeeds and endless crimes on everyone else, and hope something sticks. (It will not)

  4. This editorial comes from a writer who believed that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.
    This writer who, like most media, ignores the incoherent ramblings and dementia-like movements of the current president. He has not written any editorial of concern about it outlining the weekly incidents in detail.
    The bias is obvious.
    Enough said.

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