Michigan AG’s Office to serve as special prosecutor in case against Tavaris Jackson

Tavaris-Lee-Jackson Jr.

DELTA COUNTY, Mich. – In an announcement the Delta County Prosecutor stated that the Michigan Attorney General’s Office will serve as special prosecutor in the case against Tavaris Jackson.

Jackson, previously bound over to Delta County Circuit Court, is facing charges of one count of open murder, assault of a pregnant individual intentionally causing miscarriage/stillbirth, and felony firearm in the death of Harley Corwin and their unborn child.

A press release issued on Friday from Delta County Prosecutor Lauren Wickman, it was reported that the prosecution was served a motion by the defense on Oct. 30. The motion contended that Wickman could potentially be a witness in the matter due as a result of her involvement and assistance with the investigation at the scene of the search warrant execution on July 8 in which evidence was sought in the homicide.

The motion, filed by Jackson’s defense attorney Diane Kay-Hougaboom, indicated that videos from the search provided in the discovery process showed that Wickman was the person who found a critical piece of evidence pertaining to the case— a pair of black slide shoes — while the search warrant was being executed.

The motion also argues that also in the video, Wickman is seen and heard directing investigators toward that evidence, whispering, “I found the slides,” and gesturing into a room. Despite this, during the preliminary examination on Aug. 21, Wickman is noted as asking a deputy from that night if he found the slides, to which he answers, “I did.”

The defense argued its right to cross-examine Wickman about these actions, stating,

“Ms. Wickman’s actions at the execution of the search warrant so blurred the line between investigator and advocate that she has become a necessary witness.”

Having received the motion, Wickman indicated that she submitted the matter for review to the Michigan Attorney General’s Office to determine if a special prosecutor should be appointed. Following its review, it was confirmed that the Attorney General’s Office would be assigned as the special prosecutor to continue the prosecution of Jackson.

Prosecutor Wickman said, “I want to commend law enforcement for their persistence during the investigation. I would also like to thank the family of Harley Corwin, for understanding the current situation, and knowing that the Michigan Attorney General’s Office is more than capable for the pursuit of justice for Harley and her unborn child.”

With this decision, any future court appearances, as well as any trial, will be handled by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office.

— with files from uppermichiganssource.com


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