“Majestic” RCMP Musical Ride entertains in Echo Bay

It’s an awesome spectacle.

Sixteen well-appointed RCMP officers in bright red uniforms with the reins of 16 jet black Hanoverian horses, moving in sync in various formations to music.

The North Shore Agricultural Society (NSAS) was proud to bring the popular event back to the Algoma District this week. The Mounties last Musical Ride locally was back in 2009, in the Sault.

Attendance at the Laird Fairgrounds was strong.

“It’s very much exceeded our expectations,” says NSAS Secretary Patrick Connolly. “We have a very good turnout.”

For Tanya and Paul, it had been years since they last saw the Mounties perform and they loved the show.

“We had our five grandkids here with us and they were over the moon about it,” said Paul. “It was fantastic. Majestic is a good way to describe (the horses).”

Sgt. Sarah Parent joined the RCMP in 2010. Her horse is Laurel, who debuted on the tour in 2021.

Parent says great turnouts for the Musical Ride are the norm, not the exception.

“They’re very well-attended. We actually went to a community of 1,500 and we had 4,500 people show up at our show.” says Parent. “So it’s fantastic. The smaller the community seems to be…the larger the crowd.”

Parent says after Echo Bay, the Musical Ride is off to Thunder Bay and later will tour Manitoba and a part of Quebec.

All riders are officers with RCMP. Within the ranks of the Mounties there is keen interest and competition to join the circuit.

“There’s lots of interest to come to the Musical Ride, and then it’s a tryout,” says Parent. “We want to make sure that you’re trainable, that you aren’t afraid of the horses. Then we only select the ones that we feel are actually going to make it on to the Musical Ride. It’s a very physical, demanding job, so its hard place to get to and it’s a hard place to make it through those training courses.”

After the show, attendees were welcome to visit the horses in their stables and could meet with riders who were happy to chat with them and pose with folks for pictures.

A second performance is set for the Fairgrounds this evening at 7 p.m., with the gates opening at 5 p.m.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $5.00 for children aged 6-12. A family pack (for 4) is available for $30.

Connolly says proceeds will fund the event and any monies above the cost of the show will be invested in the upkeep of the Fairgrounds.

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