Letter: People in the north are being disadvantaged


Premier Ford

I have not heard anything from your government  over these closed provincial parks. Obatanga, Crescent/Kenney, Shoals). Residents of the area have not been able to use them or residents form Sault Ste Marie and area. Is tourism not important for the local economy?

Premier I was in north recently.

Here are some suggestions. For some parks like Crescent/Kenny Lake, Shoals and Obatanga there is an opportunity to change the management model they currently use. I would suggest going back to outhouses and pumping them out occasionally versus septic beds and having to use comfort stations.  Do they need drinking water or can it just be water for dishes. How much cost is there to provide safe drinking water. Campers can always bring their own water. Staffing is a cost especially at Shoals. Can trailers be brought in.

The number of staff and students should be determined by usage. They have been overstaffed at times.

Also advertising will certainly increased usage.

These three parks are used by locals in the area, campers from the Sault area and tourists.

Some of these parks being more remote could offer more remote experiences. Pricing could be based on services. Lower pricing may attract more campers to these sites.

Southern Ontario parks have the benefit of more campers. The government should not base keeping these open simply on each parks usage. The whole provincial park program should carry all of them.

From what we seen and heard, the buildings and infrastructure are in good condition. Shoals has excellent walleye fishing, boat launch and sand beach for kids. Cresent lake has beach and fishing for Speckle trout. Obatanga has a beach and Walleye and Pike fishing.

People in the north are being disadvantaged.

Its time to re-open these parks.

John Kallio

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