LCBO workers vote to back strike if needed

Employees at Ontario’s main alcohol seller are one step closer to a possible walkout following a vote by union members that saw a strong majority in support of a strike.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union announced on Saturday that 97 percent of the LCBO staff who voted participated in the strike vote, with 8,060 employees taking part, setting a new record for the highest member participation rate of 86 percent over four days.

“This high participation rate will clearly communicate to Premier Doug Ford and the LCBO that we are not giving up in this battle,” the union stated in a press release.

“Our goal is to secure a prosperous future for the LCBO.”

In reaction to the strike vote, the LCBO stated it is implementing strategies to be ready for a potential work stoppage should an agreement with the union not be reached.

It assured that its strategy will maintain customer service throughout a possible strike.
“LCBO is committed to avoiding a strike,” it said in a statement that was not attributed.

This week, we’re set to have multiple negotiation sessions aimed at continuing discussions on securing a new collective agreement with OPSEU. Our goal is to reach a deal that is equitable for our unionized members and supports the LCBO in operating smoothly and effectively for the people of Ontario as the market evolves.

OPSEU has confirmed that its negotiating team will be present this week to emphasize its primary requests. They also mentioned that members will receive more information about the possibility of a strike happening on Monday evening.


2 thoughts on “LCBO workers vote to back strike if needed

  1. Good. Shut it down permanently, stop destroying people’s lives as well as financially breaking them with the ludicrous prices.
    There are only two things guaranteed in life, death and ridiculous taxes.

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