LCBO workers on Strike

lcbo strike

As of 12:01AM Friday, July 5th, more than 9000 LCBO workers are on an historic strike.

This fight isn’t just about one workplace or one employer. This is a fight for our entire province and every public good we enjoy, be it health care, education, or infrastructure. Every year, the LCBO generates $2.5 billion in revenues which help pay for these vital public services.

After two weeks of the ongoing LCBO worker strike, the provincial alcohol retailer has announced a limited reopening plan that will see just 32 of its stores across Ontario open their doors for in-person shopping, but only on a restricted schedule. Beginning on July 19th, these select locations will be open to customers on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only, and will be operating under “limited hours” that have yet to be fully specified. This pared-down retail access is a stark contrast to the LCBO’s typical expansive network of hundreds of stores province-wide, highlighting the significant impact the labor dispute is going to have on their normal operations.

However, the LCBO is attempting to provide some continuity of service for customers during this disruption by keeping its online ordering platform active. Patrons will still be able to place orders through the LCBO’s website or mobile app, with the company offering free home delivery to accommodate those unable or unwilling to visit the limited number of open physical locations. But the LCBO has warned that it will be instituting a “reasonable cap” on the number and types of products available for online purchase, likely to manage inventory and logistics challenges arising from the strike. So while some shopping options will remain, customers should expect a much more limited selection and availability compared to normal LCBO operations. Overall, the reduced retail footprint and product restrictions highlight the significant operational strain the labor dispute will place on this major provincial Crown corporation.

Join them on the lines as they send a message to Doug Ford and his Conservative cronies that OPSEU/SEFPO is ready for this fight.


One thought on “LCBO workers on Strike

  1. It’s about time they were shut down, permanently. These glorified cashiers were already grossly overpaid. Shut down all lcbo locations and save lives, families and people’s wallets.
    The price of the poison they sell is outrageous and does far more harm than good. The grocery and corner stores can take care of future sales for those who still want to burn their money and kill their health.

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