LCBO to strike on July 5th

LCBO staff members are poised to strike legally on July 5, as per their union’s announcement.

The union that covers around 10,000 LCBO staff members has asked for a no-board report from the Ontario Ministry of Labour on Tuesday, kicking off a 17-day countdown to a strike.

Just a day prior, the LCBO sought the involvement of a neutral third party to facilitate a settlement between the liquor store and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) at the earliest opportunity.

This follows a vote by 97 per cent of LCBO staff members who overwhelmingly supported the decision to go on strike.
In reaction to the strike vote, the LCBO has announced plans to maintain customer service during a possible strike.

The Crown corporation has previously expressed its desire to negotiate a deal before any strike action occurs and has set several dates for bargaining sessions this week to continue discussions.


2 thoughts on “LCBO to strike on July 5th

  1. Awesome, how about shutting down the sales of this overpriced poison for good?
    Then you will really hear the whining from the already overpaid ‘former’ workers.
    Enough is never enough.
    The current government has this country in shambles and needs a serious change, but the arrogant idiot PM can’t read the writing on the wall and won’t step down in shame as he so desperately needs to while there is still something left to salvage.

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