LCBO stores to close for 14 days

As the possibility of a strike by its unionized workers looms, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) has announced a comprehensive strike preparedness plan that will significantly impact its retail operations across the province. In the event that the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) follows through on its threat to walk out next week, the LCBO has stated it will be closing all of its stores for a period of two weeks. This temporary closure is designed to allow the organization to effectively manage its supply chain and distribution channels during the labor disruption.

However, the LCBO has assured customers that it will maintain a degree of retail service during this time. The provincial alcohol retailer plans to offer online ordering and delivery options, providing consumers with a means to purchase their desired products even if physical stores are shuttered. Additionally, after the initial 14-day closure, the LCBO intends to reopen a limited number of 30 retail locations, but these will only be open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and with reduced hours of operation. This measured approach is intended to balance the need to serve customers while also minimizing the impact on LCBO’s operations.

Recognizing the significant logistical challenges posed by a strike, the LCBO has also indicated that it will need to institute certain restrictions, such as caps on the number of products available both in-store and through its online platform. This is a necessary step to ensure that supply can be managed effectively and equitably distributed. Notably, the LCBO has stated that its wholesale operations, which serve bars, restaurants, and licensed grocery stores, including The Beer Store, will continue uninterrupted during the strike, allowing these establishments to maintain their inventory and serve their patrons. Overall, the LCBO’s strike preparedness plan represents a carefully considered strategy to navigate the potential labor disruption while still providing Ontarians with access to the alcoholic beverages they desire.


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  1. Close them for good, rid people of the poison that is destroying their lives and their wallets.

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