KRAUS, Christa Anne

KRAUS, Christa Anne

This lady! This beloved Daughter, Sister, Mom and Oma just loved to feed people.  She didn’t care who you were, where you came from or even if you were not hungry, she fed you.  Maybe it was her infamous Rouladen, Chicken Fried Rice, or German potato salad; you just could not resist. It was useless to resist Chris. 

And how could you resist that hug and smile anyway, not only did she feed your body, she also fed your soul.

What happens that shapes the way someone lives their life? 

Maybe it was that long trek she made during WWII with her brother and sisters when she was 6, on foot, with no shoes, right across Germany. Running from culvert to culvert to cool her feet.  Sleeping in barns and chicken coops and eating whatever might have been offered by kind folk or Mother Nature.

Maybe it was raising a child often alone, in a small cabin by the edge of a lake in Northwestern Ontario while work took her husband away for weeks on end. Either way, the hardships she endured were never translated to the people she was around.

Upon meeting Chris, you fell in love with her; and experienced the unconditional bond of love.

Chris was born Christa Anne to Else and Kurt Hubner in Gogolin, Germany December 28, 1936.  She already had 3 older siblings, Margarete, Hans and Bridgette and within 2 years greeted her baby sister Rita.  Sadly, the children’s mother Else passed not long after Rita was born, leaving Kurt with 5 children. As fate often does Magdalena came to the family and two more baby girls, Helga and Jutta made a family of seven kids.

It was an idyllic childhood of course…well up until the war and then the need to leave. Through all this trauma the Hubner family survived.

Years later Christa met George Kraus and they left to make a life in Canada, choosing Thunder Bay, Caramat and then on to Manitouwadge as home with their three children Sylvia, Gerald and Catherine.  Tragically her son was killed in 1988 and George passed in 1995, a tough time for the whole family to endure.    

Chris eventually moved to Sault Ste. Marie to be closer to Cathy and her husband Keith, Sylvia and especially her precious “hertzual” Riley and Devon.  The boys filled her life with incomparable joy and immense love. She enjoyed everything about her “hearts” especially feeding them a ton, playing chess and cheering them on in every endeavor.  She will certainly be their biggest angel fan for sure.

Chris passed from natural causes on March 25th in Sault Ste. Marie Canada, she sure didn’t want to leave.  However, we all know that her power to feed our souls is now ten-fold and we will watch for her signs everyday.   

Donations in Memory of Christa Kraus should be directed to a program that helped her immensely, and it is Food of course.

Mobile Food Bank for Seniors – Sault Ste. Marie

It is critical that you specify Christa Kraus and the name of the program “The Mobile Food Bank for Seniors, Sault Ste. Marie” for donations to be directed to the program she so loved. 

Donations can be Phoned in to: 1-800-725-2769 – Online –


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