Helping More Women in Elliot Lake Build Skills and Get Jobs


he Ontario government is expanding the Investing in Women’s Futures program to 10 additional locations across the province, including Counselling Centre of East Algoma in Elliot Lake. This will help more women experiencing social and economic barriers connect to supports and develop the skills they need to gain financial security and independence. This expansion is part of a $6.9 million investment over three years to enhance the program and create more economic opportunities for women.

“Through this new Investing in Women’s Futures program location in Elliot Lake, more survivors of gender-based violence will have access to the employment readiness and wraparound supports they need to increase their participation in the workforce and provide for themselves and their children,” said Charmaine Williams, Associate Minister of Women’s Social and Economic Opportunity. “Our government is empowering women to achieve the success they deserve because when women succeed, Ontario succeeds.”

The Investing in Women’s Futures program provides a range of services and employment supports to help women overcome any barriers, increase well-being, build skills and gain employment. The addition of 10 new sites brings the total number of service delivery locations to 33, providing greater access for more women across Ontario.

In Elliot Lake, the Investing in Women’s Futures program will be delivered by Counselling Centre of East Algoma through an investment of $325,000 over three years. The organization will provide services and offer virtual and in-person programs to survivors of gender-based violence. Services include workshops on financial wellness, employment readiness and legal rights, as well as safety planning and supportive counselling to help ensure participants’ success outside of the program.

“The Investing in Women’s Futures program offers comprehensive support to women in Elliot Lake and nearby areas who face social and economic challenges due to gender-based violence”, said Hailey Moulton, Counsellor, Counselling Centre of East Algoma. “We have seen numerous success stories, including women gaining financial independence, acquiring occupational skills, and achieving their goals. The Counselling Centre of East Algoma takes pride in delivering these valuable services to the women in our region”.

This $6.9 million investment builds on the $18 million funding from 2022-2025 to support the Investing in Women’s Futures and Women’s Economic Security programs.

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