Hatch baby sound machines recalled

hatch baby

A popular baby sound machine, the Hatch Baby Rest 1st Generation, is the subject of a recent recall issued by Health Canada due to a potentially hazardous electrical issue with the power adapter included with the device.

The recall specifically targets all adapters bearing the model number CYAP05 050100U, which can be easily identified by the number printed in black near the prongs. According to the notice, the plastic housing of these adapters may become detached when unplugged, exposing the live electrical prongs and creating a serious shock risk for users. Thankfully, the recall affects only the adapter itself, and not the sound machine device – once the faulty adapter has been replaced, the product can be safely used again.

Health Canada reports that while there have been no incidents or injuries reported in Canada so far, in the United States there have been 19 instances of the adapter detaching and 2 reports of minor electrical shocks. Approximately 44,352 units of the affected product have been sold in Canada, with the problematic adapters having been on the market from October 2020 to the present. Consumers are strongly advised to immediately stop using the recalled adapter and contact Hatch Baby directly to obtain a free replacement, as the company has issued this recall voluntarily in the interest of public safety.

More detailed information about the recall can be found on the Health Canada website.


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