Downtown Collision at Traffic Light Study Location

Two people were sent to hospital with minor injuries following a collision at the Albert St. and Elgin St intersection Friday morning.

The intersection is one of three currently under a traffic light study where the City has disabled traffic lights. The study is a three month effort to determine traffic efficiency and safety.

Both vehicles sustained major damage.

It has not been determined if the collision was a result of the study.

Three intersections in the downtown area are part of the study including Church St and Queen St east as well as Albert st and Dennis Street.

One thought on “Downtown Collision at Traffic Light Study Location

  1. Someone will die at Church street as a result of this idiotic decision, and quite possibly the other intersections as well, it’s just a matter of time. It probably won’t be very long until they realize that it was an extremely dumb idea, and then it will be too late, unless they can resurrect the dead.

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