Correctional Employee Saves Child’s Life

Newberry Correctional Facility RUM Scott Farley received a Lifesaving Award from Director Washington in recognition of his actions that saved the life of a child. RUM Scott Farley was at the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club with his wife, who was sitting across from a small child when she realized the child was choking and unable to breathe. She alerted RUM Farley, who immediately jumped up and took hold of the small child from behind. 

RUM Farley lifted the child to his feet and performed the Heimlich Emergency Procedure. After delivering three compressions, the food was dislodged from the child’s throat, and he began breathing on his own, with color returning to his lips and face.  

RUM Farley’s ability to perform at a high level under a very stressful situation is an outstanding demonstration of his commitment to helping others in need. His actions and conduct throughout this incident provide a clear example of the level of integrity and leadership that all MDOC employees should strive to achieve.

We join Director Washington, Deputy Director Bush, and Warden Curley in thanking RUM Farley for his actions that saved a small child’s life.

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