Brown brings home 1st-career feature win on Laird opening night

It was a memorable night of firsts and photo finishes yesterday when Laird Raceway kicked off it’s 25th Anniversary season of local stock car racing in front of a record opening night crowd.

The night to remember would begin in qualifying when Shanna Harten (#22 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON) would set a new track record in the Northland Auto Body Four Cylinders circling the 1/3 mile asphalt oval in a time of 17.398.

Chase Wilson set the mark to beat in the Service Rental and Sales Super Late Models of 14.288, JP Delpaggio was tops in the NAPA Reyco Modifieds at 15.352 while Owen Brown bested the Lakeway Automotive Factory Stocks with a time of 16.063.

That was just the start of the night for Brown.

Owen (#12Y – Sault Ste. Marie, ON) started 10th on the grid and methodically picked his way to the front on the highside of the track en-route to his 1st-career feature win.

Brad Bibeau (#80 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON) and Dale Ducker (#4 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON) rounded out the top three. LAKEWAY AUTOMOTIVE FACTORY STOCKS FEATURE

1. 12 Owen Brown2. 80 Brad Bibeau3. 57 Rick Ellis4. 08 Daniel Bibeau5. 4 Dale Tucker6. 51 Jamie Fox7. 88 Rob Wagner8. 77X Ed Lapish9. 29 Xavier Carter10. 15 Andrew Givens Heat 1 Winner – #08 Daniel BibeauHeat 2 Winner – #08 Daniel Bibeau

Fellow fast qualifier and new track record holder Shanna Harten (#22) capped off her night with a photo finish.

Harten along with fellow Sooite and veteran Four Cylinder competitor Tyler Praysner (#38) crossed the line after their 20-lap feature side-by-side.

Review by track officials deemed Harten the winner while the margin of victory was mere hundredths of a second.

Christopher Viotto (#24 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON) capped off the top three. NORTHLAND AUTO BODY FOUR CYLINDER FEATURE

1. 22 Shanna Harten2. 38 Tyler Praysner3. 24 Christopher Viotto4. 17 Shaun Desjardins5. 21 Brent Fewchuk6. 16 Dyllen Sherrard7. 4 Kayla Tucker8. 46 Ryder Byrnes9. 6 Wayne Devon10. 42 Jack Lannigan11. 7 Gianni Viotto12. 8 Heat 1 Winner – 7 Gianni ViottoHeat 2 Winner- #38 Tyler Praysner

2023 Defending Track Champion Chase Wilson (#77 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON) started off the new year the way he ended off last season – in victory lane.

Working his way from the 5th row of the feature, Wilson led through the latter half of the 30-lap Main event ahead of Dustin Jackson (#61 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON) and Jay Palumbo (#90 – Goulais River, ON) to the finish. SERVICE RENTAL AND SALES SUPER LATE MODELS FEATURE

1. 77 Chase Wilson2. 61 Dustin Jackson3. 90 Jay Palumbo4. 01 John Ross5. 826 Jordan Parniak6. 21M Cody MacLean7. 46 Kaden Cudlak8. 20 Mike Hearty9. 21J Jacob Heimonen10. 51 Jeremy Van Hoek11. 47 Jordan Sims Heat 1 Winner – #21J Jacob Heimonen

Jerry Ross (#01 – Echo Bay, ON) made a late race pass in the NAPA Reyco Modified feature to take the lead away from Jason Herrington (#78 – Thessalon, ON) and capture the opening night checker flag.

JP Delpaggio finished in the 3rd position. NAPA REYCO MODIFIEDS FEATURE

1. 01 Jerry Ross2. 78 Jason Herrington3. 22 JP Delpaggio4. 20 Matt Lewis5. 7 Terrence DevonDNS – 84 Mark Laakso and 15 Chris Miller Heat 1 Winner – #78 Jason HerringtonHeat 2 Winner – #78 Jason Herrington

Dylan Connolly (#86 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON) capped off the night with the win in the AIM Enduro Feature event while at intermission Taryn McCoy was top in the ladies ‘Powder Puff’ school bus race and Chuck Siddall won the Lawn Mower main event.

Action returns to Laird Raceway this coming Thursday, July 4th for another full 5-in-1 show.

Time trials are set for 6 PM with green flag racing set for 7:15 PM.

General grandstand admission is $20 while Children and Youth (17 & Under) and Seniors (75+) are absolutely FREE.

Pit admission is $30 (all ages).

Laird Raceway is conveniently located 20 minutes east of Sault Ste. Marie in Laird Township at the Laird Fairgrounds. For further information visit their website at or visit the track Facebook page (lairdraceway).

Laird Raceway is proud to be home of Contingency Connections $100,000 Racer Rewards Program.

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  1. Moneybags Varcoe certainly didn’t get to be a millionaire by being honest and fair.
    To this day he continues to gouge the crap out of everyone on every level, especially seniors (anyone over 65) that should never have pay a cent over $15 admission, and half price at the concession stand.
    He is also very, VERY chintzy when it comes to paying the winning drivers their fair share.

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