Bike Valet’s could be a thing downtown

In a move to address the growing concern over bicycle theft and promote more sustainable modes of transportation, Councillors A. Caputo and S. Spina have put forth a proposal at this Mondays’s council to explore the implementation of a bike valet pilot project in key downtown areas of Sault Ste. Marie.

Bike valets, which provide secure and supervised areas for cyclists to leave their bicycles, align with the city’s broader “Soo Moves Plan” that aims to make it easier and more appealing for residents and visitors to walk or bike around the community. This initiative is particularly timely given the alarming statistic that bicycle thefts have increased by a staggering 429% across major Canadian cities like Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal.

By offering a safe and convenient place for people to park their bikes while patronizing downtown businesses and attractions, the proposed pilot project has the potential to alleviate this growing problem and encourage more active modes of transportation. Importantly, this aligns with the city’s strategic plan, which identifies quality of life as a key priority. Providing more opportunities for safe cycling not only enhances the vibrancy of the downtown core, but also contributes to an overall higher quality of life for community members by promoting healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. A

s the council deliberates on this proposal, the potential benefits of a bike valet pilot project – from reduced bicycle theft to increased walkability and bikeability – make it a compelling solution worth further exploration and implementation.


2 thoughts on “Bike Valet’s could be a thing downtown

  1. Another flaky idea that won’t fly and is of no help to the failing city.
    How about concentrating on the real problems, you know the serious problems that are all being continuously swept under the rug, and are dragging the city down further every day??

    The arson
    The dumpster divers spreading garbage everywhere
    The home invasions
    The violent crime
    The mentally unstable wandering all over town
    The beggars at all of the store and bank entrances
    The never ending theft
    The drugs and druggies everywhere you go
    The trafficking of poisonous narcotics
    The homelessness
    The constant B&E’s
    Transients sleeping anywhere and everywhere they choose, making huge messes, lighting fires, erecting shelters in the bush
    Wake the hell up!

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